This is the most trusted Android phone in the world

What is the most reliable current Android cell phone in the world? You will be surprised with the 2020 list!

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. These incredible pieces of technology not only help us stay in touch with our family, friends, and colleagues through voice and video calls, but they also allow us to take photos, play games, watch movies and TV shows, and surf the Internet. Hence the importance of having a reliable and safe device.

Experts from the analysis firm Counterpoint Research revealed a list of the most reliable current phones in the world that run on the Android operating system and the results surprised everyone.


Not even the most sophisticated phones or those with the largest market share managed to take the leadership away from Nokia in 2020, which for the second year in a row stands out as the most reliable Android phone in the world. Behind it is the OnePlus, which is part of the Chinese holding BBK and the popular Samsung was up to third place.

This 2020, the new challenges posed by COVID-19 came into consideration: the pandemic has affected many lives and businesses. With closures and other restrictions in place, many people are now working and learning from home, and this may continue for some time.

In a crowded smartphone market, all manufacturers are struggling to differentiate their offerings from the competition. From the design and build quality to the size of the screen and the number of cameras, a lot goes into this effort to differentiate itself. The software the smartphone runs on is also an important consideration. Consumers should expect it to be updated regularly to ensure potential security vulnerabilities are kept at bay and new features are delivered as they become available.

Undoubtedly, privacy and protection of personal data is a key point according to the analysis firm, for which three criteria were evaluated: software, security updates and manufacturing quality. Nokia phones lead the trust rankings in these three areas, can you believe it?

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