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iRobot is synonomous with robot vacuums. Most people don’t say they have a robot vacuum, but rather a “Roomba”. Similar to how most don’t say they have an Android phone but a “Galaxy”. But just because iRobot is the more popular brand in the world of robot vacuum, doesn’t mean that the Roomba is better than Roborock.

In fact, we’d argue that Roborock is miles better than Roomba. And not just in a single area. In many areas. So today, we are going to highlight why Roborock robot vacuums are better than Roomba. And you might be surprised at a few of these reasons.

Roborock Navigation runs circles around Roomba

Roborock has always excelled when it comes to navigation. This is because Roborock uses a LiDAR system on the top of the robot, that is able to map out your home, and ensure that it doesn’t miss a spot. You can also see where it has (and hasn’t cleaned) in the app. And you’ll notice that it doesn’t miss anything.

Roborock S5 Max cleaning under the bed

Now, Roborock vacuums are not perfect when it comes to navigation, but it does run into far less furniture than a Roomba does. We’ve witnessed the latest Roomba’s still running into various furniture, walls, and so forth. Roborock vacuums run into these a lot less, in our experience.

When it comes to “what’s next” in terms of navigation, Roborock has leaped above Roomba even further. Thanks to the stereo camera an AI built into one of its latest robot vacuums, the S6 MaxV. Not only is it using LiDAR to navigate around your home, but the stereo camera and AI is being used to avoid other obstacles that the lasers might miss. Like shoes, cords, scales and even pet waste. It’s a night and day improvement over even the S6, which was already a massive leap above what Roomba offers on its latest robot vacuums.

Navigation may not sound like it’s that big of a deal on robot vacuums, but in reality, it is. With bad navigation, not only can the robot vacuum miss out on spots in your home, but it can also knock things over. I can’t tell you how many times robot vacuums have knocked over my tripod – thankfully my camera was not on the tripod at the time.

Roborock S5 Max – Amazon

Better brushes and more powerful suction

At first glance, you may not believe this. But Roborock actually has better brushes than any Roomba vacuum, and also more powerful suction to get everything up. The reason why you may not believe this, is because Roomba has more brushes than Roborock does. For example, Roomba has two spinning brushes on the…

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