A very useful Android innovation for those who like to bury themselves in a smartphone on the go

Digital Wellbeing introduces new Heads Up feature

Google is preparing a useful update for the Digital Wellbeing app, now required for smartphones running Android 10 and above. 

Android innovation

Digital Wellbeing will soon feature Heads Up (can be translated as “Watch Out” and “Raise Your Head”). Enthusiasts discovered screenshots with it and other “evidence” in the firmware code of the fresh beta version of Digital Wellbeing. The meaning is simple – the function detects if the user has buried himself in the smartphone on the go and displays an alert with a warning. 

It is separately noted in the settings that the function alone is not enough; you also need to pay attention to your environment. When the Heads Up feature will become available to ordinary Digital Wellbeing users has not yet been announced. 

Google introduced the Digital Wellbeing app for Android in 2018, and it has become a must for new Android 10 smartphones in January 2020. Digital Wellbeing is designed to help control digital addiction and the time spent on gadgets. 


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